CV-19 Red Pilled and the Agendas to Come

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  The video outlines the strategies that the government is using to complete herd immunity. The different strategies used are: the inflation of the number in COVID-19 cases, scandals regard effective medicine such as hydroxychloroquine. They want a cashless society, therefore wanting to use digital money, which further introduce the use of a tattoo or...

Catherine Austin Fitts Full Interview Of The True Purpose Of The Lockdown

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  The video highlights the different tactics that the government is using to crash the economy to bring about a new monetary system. Some of these tactics includes: dividing tactics and the invisible fear. As well as, the institution of the lockdown measure is to take away the independent financial freedom from small business owners...

The Connection Between The Fourth Kingdom, The Mark Of The Beast & The Elect

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  This video looks at the connection between the end time 4th kingdom of man, and the mark of the beast comes in. This 4th kingdom is manifest today as the WHO is telling us of their plans for a “Great Reset” of the world’s economies, to achieve what they call the 4th Industrial Revolution....

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