What We Know About the COVID Vaccine

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This interview by We Are Vaxxed with Dr Christiana Northrop reveals what we currently know about the COVID vaccine, and it is not good. It is the same thing that Celeste Solum has been saying regarding the DNA altering vaccine that they are preparing. This doctor, Christina Northrop, is a highly celebrated doctor who has...

Hydrogel and Quantum Dot Covid Vaccine by Celeste Solum

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  Celeste Solum has been one of the great voices on the dangers of the hydrogel based quantum dot COVID-19 vaccine. In this video she explains it in detail, telling how taking it makes us transhuman, a hybrid that is no longer fully human. Essentially, we become programmable robots. Hence we can be patented just...

CDC Says States Should Prepare To Distribute Covid-19 Vaccines As Soon As Late October

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  PREPARE TO DISTRIBUTE (CNN)The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has told public health officials around the United States to prepare to distribute a potential coronavirus vaccine as soon as late October. It also provided planning scenarios to help states prepare. The documents were posted by The New York Times and the CDC...

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