Well this is one of those videos you just expect YouTube to take down at any time, so you better catch it while you can.

Plandemic part 1 was a big success until YouTube took it down. now we have part 2, we don’t expect anything different. It was called everything from conspiracy to hoax to misinformation to wild theory.

Of course, those in the know about how the online world co-ordinates to protect its lies know that this is how they treat the truth.

Part 1 was a 26-minute documentary by discredited researcher Judy Mikovits. Discredited of course because she came out as a whistleblower against the coronavirus pandemic.


Part 2 is over 1 hour longer and takes you to the un derbelly of a big world conspiracy involving  the rich, the media, governments and big pharma. Catch it while you can!

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