This interview by We Are Vaxxed with Dr Christiana Northrop reveals what we currently know about the COVID vaccine, and it is not good.

It is the same thing that Celeste Solum has been saying regarding the DNA altering vaccine that they are preparing.

This doctor, Christina Northrop, is a highly celebrated doctor who has written several bestsellers and has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show on multiple occasions.

She is now one of the greatest voices against the coming vaccine.


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2 Responses to “What We Know About the COVID Vaccine”

  1. angelica

    Can you please make the video operational?

    Is there a group that plans to stand together to oppose the vaccine? If so please provide a list and contact info.

    I am not getting it.

    • chizayon

      The videos posted here have to be caught quickly, as the networks are removing them as they protect their conspiracy. So, unfortunately, we cannot make it operational unless we come upon a saved copy from someone.


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